The Best Way For The Average Person

To Build Substantial Wealth

Is Through Stock Market Speculation.

From late 1957 to Spring 1959, professional dancer Nicolas Darvas turned a $50,000 account into $2 million.

Beginning in 1962, William O’Neil grew an account starting with $5,000 to $200,000 by the end of 1963.

Starting with $400 in 1970, Richard Dennis built a fortune of $200 million by 1988.

One of Ed Seykota’s managed accounts started with $5,000 in 1972 and grew to $12.5 million by 1988.

Starting with a $30,000 company account in 1974, Michael Marcus grew the account to $80 million by 1984.

From 1994 to 2000, stock trader Mark Minervini averaged a 220% return per year.

These individual accomplishments occurred through speculation in the stock and commodities markets.

Yes, these are EXTREME examples of success in the financial markets.  However, it is clear that achieving significant success like this is at least possible.

Guess what?

There is also a common theme among all of these traders….they employed the same basic approach to trading in that they all bought strength and sold weakness…the complete opposite of the buy low and sell high mentality that most people THINK you need to have to achieve success in the markets.

Whether they traded individual stocks, currencies, or commodity futures, they all built their wealth by EXPLOITING EXPLOSIVE TRENDS.


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