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Day Trading With Opening Range Breakout

The opening range breakout is a method for day trading employed by a few successful hedge funds and other traders, while most new traders tend to focus on trying to hold a position for just a few minutes in a given market. The strategy was originally written about extensively by Toby Crabel, who authored the book [...]

Day Trading – Today was a classic runner day

If you are going to day trade, whether it's stocks, futures or forex, you need to recognize when the market is in "runner day" mode.  Today was one of those days for the stock market.  The best thing to do when you spot a potential runner day is just go along for the ride. In today's [...]

Multiple Income Stream Number 8 – Day Trading Stock Index Futures

Day trading is a very difficult way to make a living, because the markets will not always cooperate and do what you want them to do.  Trading itself requires substantial discipline in order to ride out the tough times so that you can reap the rewards when the markets are favorable. However, day trading has the [...]

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