If you are unfamiliar with the Turtle Trading System for trading in the futures markets, I wrote a pretty long post about it and its application to the stock market here.

In this post, I want to demonstrate whether or not the Turtle Trading System still works for trading futures.

Below are three videos about the system…what it is, how it was traded, then my own testing of the system with the TradersStudio software program.

I highly recommend visiting Autumngold.com, which is a website dedicated to tracking the performances of Commodity Trading Advisors.

Several of the former Turtles and traders affiliated with the training program are listed there, as well as one of their teachers, William Eckhardt.  These include Abraham Trading Company, Eckhardt Trading, EMC Capital, Hawksbill Capital,  Chesapeake Capital, and Mark J. Walsh.

Check out the videos below…